10 Reasons Why SaaS Protection is Necessary!

10 Reasons Why SaaS Protection is Necessary!

Office 365 and G Suite Ransomware is on the rise. As more businesses move their data to the cloud, it is crucial to secure that data from ransomware and other threats.

What is SaaS Protection?

SaaS is Security – As – AService, which is an outsourcing model for security management. Typically, SaaS involves applications such as anti-virus software delivered over the internet but the term can also refer to security management provided in-house by an external organization. SaaS Protection and Cloud to Cloud Backup protects your business from rogue employees deleting files, accidental user errors, and ransomware attacks!

By 2025 more than 55% of businesses will implement an all in cloud SaaS Strategy. More common than ever even small incidents data loss can impact day to day business profitability. Companies like Microsoft’s Office 365 and Google’s G Suite do not guarantee the protection of your data. Even some of the providers of SaaS offer Disaster Recovery Plans but these only cover against a data center’s outages, and do not guarantee against accidental deletion, viruses, malware, or even malicious hackers and ransomware attacks!

Does Innovative’s SaaS Protection protect my data?

Just about every SaaS provider states that you the client are responsible for protecting you own data, with Innovative’s SaaS Protection you will feel eased that your data is protected and backed up.

But I have Office 365 and it offers backup recovery, so I am protected…

Are you really protected? If utilizing Office 365’s recovery history which is just recycle bins and version histories that are not true backups. Archiving your mailbox is truly important but if you do not have a hold in place then the contents will not be preserved or discover able after 30 days.

It is key for security & compliance, that your data is compliant-encrypted and ideally backed up.

10 Reasons Why SaaS Protection is Necessary!

  1. SaaS Vendors Cannot Protect You from Yourself or Others.
  2. Vendors Cannot Always Get Your Data Back (and if they can, it won’t be easy).
  3. Hackers Hack… You Need A Secure Backup Plan.
  4. The Insider Threat is a Top Cause of Data Breaches.
  5. You’re Only Human and Human Errors Causes 64% of Data Loss.
  6. Data SYNC Errors Can Erase, Corrupt or Otherwise Ruins Your Data.
  7. Just Because It’s in the Cloud Does Not Mean Auditors Won’t Care.
  8. Dumpster Diving is Not an Adequate Data Recovery Strategy.
  9. It’s More than Recovery. It’s Restore!
  10. Good SaaS Data Protection Helps with Data Quality!

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