Zombies’ Lurking Your PCs?

Zombies’ Lurking Your PCs?

Zombies’ Lurking Your PCs?

Is Your Computer A Zombie? A zombie is an infected computer that is remotely controlled by a hacker. It is often part of a botnet, which is a network of many zombie, or bot computers.   Once a hacker can gain control of the computer remotely via the internet, the computer is a zombi

What to look for in a backup solution

Business continuity is the ability to keep daily operations running—even during a natural, man-made or technical disaster. It isn’t just about data backup, though; it’s a holistic practice that also addresses ready access to backups and timely restorations—and all the

5 Keys for Creating a Disaster Recovery Plan

Disaster recovery planning is a necessity for all small business owners. The hardest part about creating a disaster recovery plan is knowing what to do first.  And as business owners know, it is all in the execution. So, we have put together a checklist to get you started, thereby e

Cybersecurity Training For Employees

According to over 1,000 IT service providers, the lack of cybersecurity awareness amongst employees is a leading cause of a successful ransomware attack against an SMB. Employee training is a top component of a successful cybersecurity protection program and most likely the only way to ensure

The Ultimate Disaster Recovery Checklist

STAY ONE STEP AHEAD OF POTENTIAL DISASTERS Prepare yourself before disaster strikes. When it comes to data backup and disaster recovery (BDR), being prepared for potential disasters is key to keep your business running.  It’s not only important to have a disaster recovery solution