Innovative SaaS Protection (Beware of Office 365 Ransomware)

Innovative SaaS Protection (Beware of Office 365 Ransomware)

NetBIOS and LLMNR is being actively exploited in the wild

Net what? and LL-what? These are old protocols, although LLMNR is newer, that allow for a non-Active Directory Domain (if you have a real server you have this) to communicate by name. This is really great, until you learn that these protocols were created without and security checking. What h

Ransomware – a BILLION dollar business

Ransomware isn’t going away and it isn’t going to get easier to block. The largest misnomer we see is the expectation that the computer will protect you automatically. The harsh reality is that it is quite the opposite and YOU are the only one in control. Ransomware is so common n

Seeing more spam? Blame Marriott!

Seeing more spam in your inbox? You are not alone. A massive hack that has been ongoing since 2014 at Marriott has leaked every single bit of information about 500 million guests. Names, addresses, passport numbers, driver’s license, social security numbers, credit cards, EVERYTHING. We