Co-Managed IT for Technicians

Co-Managed IT for Techs

We’ve created our Co-Managed IT Services as a platform for businesses who have, and wish to retain, their valuable Technical personnel and developed business specific expertise. We provide the enterprise tools, utilities, services, policies, procedures, and guidance needed to keep your systems secure and compliant and to allow your technicians to perform their roles more effectively.

Our Co-Managed IT Platform for the in-house Technical team includes:

  • The managed, “fully configured”, and supported tools you’ve been asking for with one-on-one technical training
  • Pre-defined, configurable, processes which are proven to reduce noise and ticket counts and drive efficiency
  • Reduction in afterhours support issues (take back your evenings and weekends)
  • Procedures and automation that streamlines your repetitive and time-consuming tasks
  • Elimination of chaos (allow you to work proactively)
  • Asset Management to keep track of valuable equipment, software, and subscriptions.
  • Reporting that demonstrates your value and substantiates your recommendations to Management
  • A partner who is rooted in technology and understands the complexity of your job/role

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