Who is Innovative IT Concepts?

We are a passionate, and dedicated, team of experts who take pride in the necessary role we play in helping businesses thrive.  Since 2002, Innovative has continued to surpass the ever-evolving needs of our clients and to provide valuable business solutions within the Greater Philadelphia area.  We understand that we’re a Service company first, and a Technology company second; and without constantly anticipating and exceeding our client’s expectations, we’d be just another, of many available, IT Service Providers.

What is Managed Services?

Managed Services is an IT Support model which forces checks and balances to the highly complex, and sometimes confusing, realm of IT Services and Support. With a full Managed Services agreement, and Innovative as your IT Service provider, we implement solutions which prevent issues from occurring; this translates to better system performance, fewer business impacting issues, and faster response times.

What are the Benefits of using Innovative for Managed IT Services?

Innovative provides an un-paralleled level of protection, services, and assistance to ensure that we’re consistently providing the experience you wish was the “IT Standard”. Our exceptional client retention is a testament to our core client satisfaction efforts. Click Here (Link to Support Page) for more information…

  • Focus on your Business Activities – Time spent on your business vs. time spent on tech support adds to your bottom line.
  • Reduced Stress – Dealing with non-expertise areas is stressful, which adds to the fact that problems in these areas may cost thousands of dollars.
  • Controlled Cost – You can budget expenses and hold us accountable to the results.
  • Reliable Performance – The service level agreement should guarantee performance or you do not pay.
  • Efficiency of Scale – Innovative maintains a high level of knowledge and experience through supporting clients, of various sizes, across many industries. This experience cannot be gained by supporting a single network.
  • Increased Security – Innovative has resources that proactively manage and maintain business critical components such as firewalls, employee usage and virus/malware suites. Many of these tools are out of reach for most companies.
  • Full Back-up and Business Continuity – You no longer must remember to switch back-up media and tapes, Innovative offers automated systems that provide back-up and business continuity services to return your business to an operational status within minutes.
  • IT Accountability – At Innovative, we offer full fixed-price plans that are held to a higher standard of support; if they don’t perform, their internal costs to provide client support will not allow them to maintain profitability.

Why should I consider Innovative to manage our IT?

Many businesses rely heavily on technology and, while trying to handle IT Support needs internally, they steal time away from their personnel’s valuable and profitable expertise. Innovative allows you to focus on your business while IT professionals ensure that your business technology is beneficial to your needs.

If you can relate to any of the following statements, your company will benefit from a Managed IT Services:

  • You realize that Technology is an integral part of your business that must be handled by qualified technicians.
  • You understand that IT Services are no longer an optional expense.
  • You understand the true cost of having an IT employee, or IT Staff, and can see the value and cost savings associated with having an entire IT Company’s technical resources at your constant disposal.
  • You want a Partnership with a Service and Support leader.
  • You just want it all to work!
  • You understand what it costs your company for you to not focus on your other top priorities.
  • You realize the hourly cost of downtime and business interruption is so much more than a technician’s hourly rate.
  • You are done with finding, hiring, and managing IT staff.
  • You struggling with making business beneficial technology decisions.

Why shouldn’t I consider Innovative?

  • You are a do-it-yourself type and only want help when you cannot figure it out yourself.
  • Your IT plan is to keep the network running until the wheels fall off. Then you’ll deal with it.
  • You are content creating “work-arounds” or applying “Band-Aids” to fix problems.
  • You think “those IT problems” are not too bad, you can just work harder.
  • You enjoy spending free time learning how to fix computers.
  • You depend on “non-professionals” to help you out with IT.
  • You maintain that business productivity and performance are secondary to IT costs.

Are all Managed Service agreements the same?

Absolutely not! This is where it can get quite confusing; here are some things you should look for to distinguish between true “Managed Services” and re-branded “Reactive Support” plans.

  • All Services and Support should be included – Exceptions are added to allow the IT Service Provider a financial safety-net if they’re ineffective in reducing your overall support needs.
  • Remote and Onsite Support should be included – Beware of the term “Help-Desk” as this can be anything from a “semi-warm body who answers the phone” to an “actual technician who can immediately begin resolving an issue”.
  • Response Time Guarantees – Should include more than just “we’ll respond by x”, as this does not guarantee when an actual technician will be available to provide assistance. The issue escalation process should also be clearly defined.
  • Documented Protection Plan – The specifics can be quite confusing but a good Managed Services provider, like Innovative, should be able to demonstrate, in simplified terms, their overall plan for protecting your business from current and future threats.
  • Support Documentation – They should provide a list of documented standard support procedures and review their process for creating new procedures specific to your support needs. If they can’t, it’s unlikely they’re efficient enough to provide a valuable “Managed Services” plan.
  • Reporting – They should provide support effectiveness, hardware status, security protection, and software, licensing, and subscription expiration reports. If they can’t, they’re probably not effectively tracking valuable information needed to maintain an accurate business technology plan.

What are the common areas where Innovative assist with our clients?

  • Security / Compliance
    • It’s our mission to protect your systems and data from the never-ending array of security threats, such as viruses, malware, ransomware, bots, malicious web content, socially engineered email messages, and user mistakes.
    • Innovative is effective in preventing these threats with our constantly-evolving, multi-layered, prevention measures
    • We can run audits for insurance or investment purposes.
    • Make sure your network is industry and legally compliant.
  • Backup and Business Continuity
    • Instead of dealing with changing tapes, tracking backups, dealing with online backup targets, a business continuity service provides data backup along with a full business continuity plan.
  • Support of Infrastructure / Network / users
    • Innovative provides ongoing support and proactive maintenance of your systems, keeping you operating in a stable, secure, and highly-optimized environment.
    • With our team of certified technicians, you can be confident that, regardless of the issue, we have an expert available to assist.
    • We help businesses operate at peak efficiency, reduce costly down-time, and resume operations quickly in the event of an unplanned failure.
    • Innovative handles your day-to-day operations
  • Consulting
    • By collaborating with our experts to develop and implement an accurate IT Roadmap, we’ll lead you in aligning technology with your business vision and goals.
    • We deliver strategic design and build recommendations that are based on business best practices, industry standards, security / compliance policies, and disaster avoidance.
    • We offer network and systems engineering, management, and CIO/CTO services to help accomplish your goals on-time, on budget, and with ease. Our team integrates seamlessly and provides specialized skills for your project requirements.
    • Services include the deployment of new applications and systems, assistance with roll-out, integration, support of new office infrastructure, managing applications, equipment, staff training, and vendor assistance.

Does Innovative offer Pay-as-you-Go Support options?

Innovative offers Pay-as-you-Go support, consulting, project, and management services.

Is my company too big/small for Innovative?

Each Company utilizes Technology in its own unique way. Innovative offers an array of technology options, services, and utilities which benefit companies of all sizes; only by performing a thorough evaluation can your specific technology needs be determined.

Do you have any employees outside of the US?

All Innovative technical support staff are based in the United States, so language barriers and security never becomes an issue.

What types of insurance does Innovative carry?

We carry Business Liability, Errors and Omissions, Workman’s Compensation as well as other industry state or federally required policies.

How do we contact you with a support need?

There are many ways to request assistance. We give you a direct number to our helpdesk, as well as an email and access to our web-based ticketing system. This gives your users flexibility in the way they can reach out to us.

What if we have an emergency?

Convenient emergency contact options are available to ensure that business-critical issues are quickly addressed 24/7/365.

What happens when I need to add a new employee and set them up with service.

We work with you to develop employee onboarding and termination procedures that meet your business process and security needs.

Our office computers are running slowly. Can innovative help us with that?

Making sure your entire IT environment is running efficiently is what we do. And, once we have your systems in tip-top shape, our monitoring and maintenance service will ensure they stay that way!

We are having issues with one of our programs but don’t know what, if anything, we’re doing wrong. Is there any user support that is offered through Innovative?

We can troubleshoot many programs and applications to determine the root-cause and resolution options. We’ll also act as the liaison between you and the software vendor to determine best-practices and work through problems as they arise.

What are virtual CIO/CTO services?

We offer network and systems engineering, management, and Chief Information Officer/Chief Technology Officer services to help accomplish your goals on-time, on budget, and with ease. Our team integrates seamlessly and provides specialized skills for your project requirements. Services include designing and maintaining your IT roadmaps, budget planning, deployment of new applications and systems, assistance with roll-out, integration, support of new office infrastructure, managing applications, equipment, staff training, and vendor assistance.

Our computer equipment is becoming obsolete. Yet, we’re confused about what options are available. How can Innovative assist?

We help our clients plan for everything from replacing outdated equipment and software to designing new infrastructure to accommodate changes to business needs.

How difficult is it to switch to Innovative?

Switching to a professional IT firm, like Innovative, to manage your network is a process that should not be taken lightly. At Innovative, we perform an extensive business and technology evaluation to determine how technology should be used to help your business and the steps required to ensure a smooth Service and Support transition. We have documented procedures we follow for gathering information, identifying potential issues, planning your transition, resolving issues, and training users; these processes ensure a smooth and pain-free transition.

We have IT employees. What can Innovative do for us?

Whether you’re looking to enhance, manage, audit, or replace your existing IT personnel, Innovative has many options for improving the way technology can help you reach your business goals.