STOP the Spread, GO GREEN!

STOP the Spread, GO GREEN!

Advance Your Business to Electronic Signatures!

Federal, State, Local Authorities and even Health Organizations Across the World are Strongly Advising to Work From Home and Practice Social Distancing!

The pandemic has encouraged, forced, and even mandated majority of all companies around the world to work from home, as we step into the realm of the new business landscape it is becoming much more predictable of how business will be conducted for the foreseeable future.
As the number of individuals working from home continue to increase, some businesses and organizations are concerned about how documents and contracts can or will be signed without meeting face to face.
Traditionally physical signatures in ink on a sheet of paper was the old way, now it’s time to GO GREEN! With electronic signatures your business can now:

Reduce Office FrustrationsImprove Day to Day Operations, Reduce Useless Supplies & Save Save Save!

Reduce Office Frustrations & Improve Day to Day Operations.

Improve Customers & Employees Experience:

All digital workflows that include fill-able PDFs are easier to fill out for customers and easier for staff to process. Resulting in an exceptional digital experience for everyone.

Maximize Efficiency & Productivity of Staff:

Automated workflows, approval routing, and integrations with back-end systems eliminate delays in processing to keep your team working at peak performance — in the systems they’re using today such as Microsoft Office, Salesforce, and more.

Exceed Customers’ Digital Expectations to Minimize Drop Offs:

Customers have the same digital expectations of your business that they are seeing in almost every other area of their life, such as ride-sharing, room booking, and even exercise. If any part of your applications or processes require paper, ink signatures, or an in-person visit, another option is just a tap away.

Increase Security:

Better protect your company’s and customers’ information with electronic PDFs that can be password protected with sensitive information redacted.

Reduce Duplicate Data Entry: 

Using digital forms virtually eliminates the manual re-keying of information and reduces associated data entry errors. Plus, data that can automatically be pre-populated for forms and can also be integrated with back-end systems, reducing customer frustration in having to provide the same information over and over.

Reduce Useless Supplies & Save!

Reduce Costs:

With digital forms, the cost of paper, printing, postage, and storage is massively reduced. Plus, the time saved by your staff no longer having to make copies, send faxes, file paperwork or prepare packages frees them up for more important tasks.

Electronic Signatures / Digital Forms are legally binding, trusted, and enforceable in most industrialized countries around the world. Adobe Sign complies with the broadest range of legal requirements and the most demanding industry regulations.

Increase Visibility & Audit-Ability:

See the status of all documents in process, including who has signed and who is up next. Easily access a date- and time-stamped audit trail that is automatically created and securely stored with each completed form.

Accelerate Processing Time:

Automated workflows remove roadblocks and create fast and secure digital experiences that speed processing of forms and applications.