Video Conference Apps

Video Conference Apps

Video Conference for Business is the Norm!

Business, Schools and even Personal life take to Videoconferencing as the New normal!

With shelter-in-place orders around the country, families are finding themselves tackling new territories. The stress of working from home with kids while juggling the responsibilities of office work, financial worries, and even day to day life. People around the world are discovering the power of video conferencing and webcasting as an alternative to meeting in person.

Some Advantages to Video Conferencing:
zero travel time, easy meeting recordings, the ability to jump into a meeting with anyone, anywhere, at literally a moment’s notice, and of course it’s a safe way to connect during these types of situations.
Which Video Conferencing is the Safest to Use?

Know the Risks

Your business could be at risk! Pharmaceutical, Government and even Insurance Companies with proprietary sensitive information should be aware of the dangers.

With companies like Microsoft Teams and Zoom it can be a hard choice which one to use. But when knowing the risks it makes it much easier to choose. Take Zoom for example, Most have thought that the popular way of communicating was safe, well it is not as safe or secure as you may think. In our research we have found that this platform should not be used, especially when it comes to your businesses’ or employees’ privacy.

Major corporations such as Apple, Telsa, and even NASA have urged and warned their employees of using Zoom. With concerns about the app’s privacy and security, Many businesses and their employees have noticed certain situations during video conference meetings such as outside parties who were not part of their organization listening and reading private messages. 

Simplicity & Efficiency

No matter the industry you are in, we all need certain tools to help make collaboration with others simplistic and efficient.

In the search for a platform that offers collaboration and communication, we have found Microsoft Teams to be a better suited solution. From instant messaging, video chats, planners and email. The transition to Teams and integrating with Office 365 is a no brainer. Teams is truly a one stop shop for running online business meetings privately and securely.

When it comes to Zoom vs Teams, Microsoft has really out done themselves, the difference between the two is Microsoft’s integration between Teams and it’s Office 365 stack. Microsoft Teams video conferencing has the ability to host calls up to 250 members.

Some Features that Teams Offers:

  • Screen Sharing
  • Recording
  • Share Meeting Agenda
  • Invite External Guests
  • Access Notes & Recordings
  • Meeting with One Touch
  • Video