Zombies’ Lurking Your PCs?

Zombies’ Lurking Your PCs?

Is Your Computer A Zombie?

A zombie is an infected computer that is remotely controlled by a hacker. It is often part of a botnet, which is a network of many zombie, or bot computers.   Once a hacker can gain control of the computer remotely via the internet, the computer is a zombie.

Identifying a Zombie Computer

Zombies are good at lurking in the shadows of your PCs so they are not noticed.  If you detect that something malicious was running on your PCs, you would quickly remove or disable it.  Zombies often have file and process names that are similar, or even identical, to normal system file names and processes so that users won’t think twice even if they do see them.

How to Prevent a Zombie PC

If kept up to date with Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware software will somewhat protect your PCs from zombie infections.  However, your PCs are vulnerable to new attacks while the security vendors develop detection for these new threats.   Most infections are designed to exploit known vulnerabilities in your Operating System, so updating regularly can also HELP to reduce your PCs chances of becoming infected.  A complete prevention strategy also includes properly applied PC and Domain security settings to remove the remaining hidden vulnerabilities.

Eradicating an Infection

Zombie infections can be extremely difficult to eradicate.  You can’t kill a zombie PC by shooting it in the head, the infection must be completely removed without killing the host.

Advanced Zombie Detection Strategy

Eradicating zombies is what we specialize in!  Whether it’s servers or PCs that have been infested, Innovative offers an Advanced Zombie Detection Agent which continually monitors for any indication of issues or infections before they have a chance to consume your vital business data, resources and reputation.


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